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Healthcare Printworks - MailingWe were the first Print Management company in the UK to supply the Welsh NHS with appointment mailers. We have substantially increased our product range on mailing products through new technologies and solutions. We also work closely with NHS sites that want to deliver efficiencies through savings on 'processing cost' and our out-sourced laser printed on-line mailing solutions is an excellent example of new technology delivering these benefits.



Healthcare Printworks BookletMailing Solutions

There are alternative ways of printing and mailing an A4 document. Our presses can handle any type of mailing where data is required, and we can print and personalise letters for any immunisation campaign. Alternatively we can pre-print the letters, automatically enclose into envelopes and supply them back to the sites concerned for distribution.


If you wish to print and enclose your A4 letters into envelopes and control the process at specific sites then we have the appropriate inserter machine that will handle the work easily.


A very neat way of letting us do the work is just to print and send your A4 letters direct from your PC and we will take care of all aspects of the printing and mailing. A report can be generated on each document so there is a full audit trail. This data gets sent to a secure website where you can monitor document usage and exactly what documentation is being posted out through Royal Mail.


If you would like to know more about the cost savings and benefits of this technology, please contact our sales team or visit www.isendonline.co.uk or email info@isendonline.co.uk.



Pressure Seal Mailers

Pressure seal mailers work hand in hand with laser printers and once the data is printed onto the one part form they are sealed and ready to print. We have a full range of pressure sealing equipment from desktop low volume sealers to high volume, high speed. The glue patterns react under pressure to form a self-sealed envelope ready to be posted. These are ideal for all types of letters and the process is quick and easy for staff to use.


The most popular is the PS35 Pressure Sealer, which is ideal for light to medium sized mailings. It is simple to operate and capable of processing up to 3,500 documents per hour. It has many features that our high volume sealers benefit from and is ideal for use in a busy office environment.


Summary of key features:



  • Simple operation
  • Jog mode
  • Z, V & C fold capability
  • Fully adjustable folding plates


  • Full jam detection
  • 200 Sheet in-feed
  • Low noise
  • Forms counter


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