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Healthcare Printworks - FilingWe have a highly experienced specialist team dedicated to providing patient folders and filing solutions to all the critical acute wards and community based services. We innovate in our market sector through research and development investing in new products and solutions. The paperlight polyprop folders are an excellent example of providing alternative products for the NHS as it moves towards full electronic records.



Healthcare Printworks BookletPatient Folders

Our product is ideal for holding confidential information, such as patient medical records, short stay notes, reports, tests and any other patient confidential care results. For information on specialist printed options please see our 'Specialist Bespoke Folders' information section.


Summary of our key products:



  • Patient Record Folders
  • CTG Wallets
  • Dividers
  • Off the Shelf 'Stock' Files
  • Mylar Tabbed Dividers
  • Tracer Cards


  • Initial Referral / Assessment Wallets
  • Medi-clips
  • Metal and plastic prongs/clips
  • Hospital Stationery
  • Patient Envelopes


We also supply the folders with various clips and mechanisms. With a dedicated highly automated factory we can handle any type of NHS folder requirement.



Specialist Folders

Our Specialist bespoke Board Folder range is manufactured on 315gsm, 400gsm and 485gsm on boards such as Kendal Manilla and Vanguard in a range of colours. Folders can also be laminated to give the folder extra durability.


Our bespoke folder range also includes a polyprop option or 'Paperlight' folder that can be used again and again thus saving on cost. These are flexible and durable and can be branded to the Trust with a wide range of capacities and mechanisms. They are ideal for short stay patients and to accommodate the move to a full patient electronic record. They are built to last and are extremely popular within the NHS.


Summary of our key products are:



  • Ring Binders
  • Lever Arch Binders
  • Presentation Binders
  • Patient Ward Folders


  • Dividers
  • Shelf Markers
  • File Covers
  • Wallets


If you would like any product samples or mock-ups, please contact the team on 0845 094 0707 or email info@icomworks.co.uk


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